The world’s leading airfreight wholesaler

What we do

AMI works exclusively with freight forwarders and courier companies, offering highly competitive air freight rates and transport services around the world.

Our product range covers export, import and cross-trade.

We give our clients the power to compete and unlike some other air freight co-loaders, we guarantee we are 100% neutral.

Why use AMI

If you are a freight agent or courier company, you need to know about AMI. Our global cargo network and significant buying power will give your business the air freight rates and transport services it needs to compete. Our advanced IT solutions will save you both time and money.

Ten reasons to choose AMI

  1. Guaranteed neutrality
  2. Highly competitive rates – Consolidation and Back to Back
  3. Huge product range: cargo, imports and cross-trade
  4. Global service network, providing options for clearance, delivery and collection of charges
  5. Advanced e-business tools to save you time and money
  6. Nationwide Receiving Centres
  7. National pick-up and delivery
  8. Excellent world-wide spot price service
  9. The financial backing of a publicly quoted company
  10. All the features you need to help you compete in a tough market